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A midengine Vette? GM says no

Automotive News reports on the possibility of a hybrid Corvette.

Corvette ZR1
AP Image Ingested via Automated Feed
Corvette ZR1
GM says the Corvette's engine is staying put. AP

A midengine Corvette? Not gonna happen.

But a hybrid ? Maybe.

A hybrid Corvette "is an interesting idea," Karl-Friedrich Stracke, General Motors' vice president of global engineering, told Automotive News. "Porsche has announced a full hybridization for their complete lineup. What can they do? They need it" to meet increasing emissions standards.

He speculated that a two-tier power-train strategy could evolve for sporty cars that could satisfy both power junkies and those interested in fuel economy: "You could keep a normal power-train configuration for a small amount of very excited car enthusiasts and turn 80 to 90 percent of your sports car portfolio to hybridization."

Stracke said GM is not testing a V-6 Corvette. He threw almost-icy water on the rumor that GM is considering a midengine setup for the next-generation Corvette. "I don't know who made this public. I think it is wrong," Stracke said.

GM spokesman Dan Flores confirmed that the slightly ambiguous "I think" was in fact a firm "no." Said Flores: "The rumors and speculation about the Corvette are just that," he said. "There is no midengine in the plans."

Flores also dumped on a report that the Corvette would get a wet dual-clutch transmission. This month a Web site in the United Kingdom reported that Saab had helped Chevrolet develop the transmission for a midengine Corvette.

(Source: Automotive News)