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A Maserati-powered motorcycle exists, and it actually works!

This is what happens when humanity gets bored.


The Lazareth LM847 is the coolest motorcycle you'll probably never see. It has four wheels, hinges between the wheels on each axle, and sandwiched between all that is a Maserati-sourced V8. That may sound like just another silly concept, but Lazareth's latest video proves that it works.

The last thing a newbie would want to do, though, is strap in and try to take this thing for a ride. With 470 horsepower, 457 pound-feet of torque and a curb weight of just 880 pounds, it's packing a power to weight ratio of 0.534 horsepower per pound. To compare, Koenigsegg's 1,340-horsepower One:1 has a power to weight ratio of just 0.454 hp per pound. This thing is undoubtedly quick.

Sadly, the video doesn't contain any ridiculous antics, but that's OK because we'd like the rider to live. Still, it's fun to watch the hinged axles lean the bike into turns, and there's no tiring of that engine's exhaust note. This is what happens when humanity runs out of productive things to do, but society is all the better for it.