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A look inside the EPA's contentious MPG ratings (CNET On Cars, Episode 14)

You don't seem to buy MPG ratings anymore; we'll look into how they are done. We also drive the 2013 Audi S7, find out what happened to the hidden headlight, and list the Top 5 reasons for self-driving cars.

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If you like high-tech cars, the Audi A7 is very high on your list. It's just about the techiest ride out there and far from the most expensive. Add the hot sauce of S trim and the 2013 Audi S7 becomes a favorite of ours. I'll take you for a ride in this episode.

I've never received more sustained e-mail on a single topic than I have on EPA mileage ratings lately. Many of you are actively wondering if those hallowed numbers on the window sticker really represent anything close to reality, especially when it comes to electrified cars. So we'll take a look at the EPA tests as part of an ongoing series of coverage on how mileage is calculated and what you can expect to get.

I'm a big believer in self-driving cars. In fact, save for a few million lines of extra code, I think we're driving them already: modern Volvos, Audis, and Infinitis all basically have self-driving technology installed but not entirely unleashed. I'll give you my Top 5 reasons why I think its inarguable that self-driving cars are coming to the masses, perhaps in 10 years or less?

What isn't coming are cars with hidden headlights, but dammit I miss them. There's a certain drama to a physically unveiled component of a car, but the motorized headlight is dead and gone. We'll look back, rather fondly, and explain why.

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