Auto Tech

A look at BMW xDrive

In today's video blog post, we get a quick synopsis of BMW's all-wheel-drive system technology in action--the xDrive.

I was on the phone with my mom yesterday, and she was telling me that she made the trek from Ohio to New Jersey to visit my brother. Apparently, she was not aware that the East Coast was about to get hit again with yet another blast of snow, and according to Mommy Dearest, Jersey got smacked with 20 or so inches in this latest winter storm, and they had to drive through it. (No offense, Mom, but better you than me).

Even though it's technically March now, Old Man Winter has still got a lot of the U.S. of A. under his thumb. And with winter driving conditions, anything you can do to make your commute a safe one is definitely recommended. Last week I went over a handful of these, and this week I'm gonna "stay the course" like good-ol' G.W. Bush and present a video about BMW's all-wheel-drive technology, the xDrive.

BMW's xDrive is an intelligent all-wheel-drive traction control system that has been instituted as a permanent aspect of its vehicles since its introduction a few years ago. The reason xDrive is called "intelligent" is because this technology can automatically redistribute driving power between the front and rear axles according to sensors monitoring road conditions to create optimal power in your vehicle, thus improving overall driving ability. This brief video gives us a brief summary of what xDrive is all about and shows some Beamers with xDrive on the snow and in action. And if you're itching for more details, tune in tomorrow when I'll get a little more in depth regarding this remarkable driving technology.