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A day at Zap: The future of electric fleet cars has arrived

Zap, located in Santa Rosa, California, makes electric cars, scooters, and ATVs fun and affordable.

Zap is currently taking reservations for the all-electric Alias. For a $1,000 deposit, drivers can reserve a three-wheeled futuristic vehicle today.

Zap is one of five companies selected to build a prototype gas-to-electric conversion of the LLV. Once finished, the truck will be road-tested in Washington D.C.

The USPS provided design guidelines and operational requirements including: speed, range, duty cycle, weight, and safety. Zap's design staff has prior experience with gas-to-electric conversions of USPS trucks designed for use in rural areas.

A large portion of Zap's car sales are fleet vehicles. Zap supplies EVs for a number of government entities, companies, and universities including Google, University of San Francisco, National Park Service, Coca Cola, and the military.

"We want to make a car that's more comfortable; a car that the driver prefers to drive," Starr said.