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A day at Zap: The future of electric fleet cars has arrived

Zap, located in Santa Rosa, California, makes electric cars, scooters, and ATVs fun and affordable.

Automotive technician Aubre Decker works on a USPS mail truck, converting the classic gas-powered vehicle to electric. Suzanne Ashe/CNET

Zap is one of five companies selected to build a prototype gas-to-electric conversion of the LLV. Once finished, the truck will be road-tested in Washington D.C.

The USPS provided design guidelines and operational requirements including: speed, range, duty cycle, weight, and safety. Zap's design staff has prior experience with gas-to-electric conversions of USPS trucks designed for use in rural areas.

A large portion of Zap's car sales are fleet vehicles. Zap supplies EVs for a number of government entities, companies, and universities including Google, University of San Francisco, National Park Service, Coca Cola, and the military.

"We want to make a car that's more comfortable; a car that the driver prefers to drive," Starr said.