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A closer look at the BMW Concept ActiveE

BMW unveiled its first electric car recently at the Detroit auto show, and this video takes a look at this potentially revolutionary vehicle inside and out.

Today we whittle down my focus on the recently passed Detroit auto show earlier this month. We started this examination with an overview video featuring the many highlights of this auto industry's annual event, and then focused the view onto the BMW product that was unveiled there. Today we're gonna take a close look at a very specific BMW concept vehicle that was "the talk of the town" at this year's party: the BMW ActiveE.

The ActiveE is a landmark in BMW history as its very first electric automobile, and though it is still simply a concept vehicle, there are plenty of economical and environmental features that encourages its development as a production vehicle for the near future. This video features analysis and commentary from BMW project official Ulrich Kranz as he gives insight into the conceptualization and execution of the ActiveE and its many components and features. As if that weren't enough, we also get to see how the ActiveE can be set up for your preferences and convenience using your iPhone.