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A closer look at BMW xDrive technology

We take a closer look at how BMW's xDrive all-wheel traction technology works.

All-wheel traction control systems can make a trip on snowy and icy roads an easier time on you and your car. On Monday we got a brief glimpse of the innovative BMW xDrive traction system in action, and in today's video blog we dive into the deeper details of the technology involved and how BMW xDrive works.

For those of you just joining the conversation, BMW's xDrive is an "intelligent" electrical all-wheel traction control system that through Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) sensors can redistribute power between the axles depending on what is felt on existing road conditions. This video demonstrates how xDrive differs from conventional vehicle traction and reinforces the benefits of having an intelligent all-wheel-drive traction system to proactively put power on the proper axle to ensure that the driver can retain control of the vehicle in slick, icy road conditions. Neat graphics, too. And at the 5:45 mark in the video, it appears that a traction diagnostic test is being conducted comparing xDrive with Quattro. I'll let the video speak for itself as to the results.