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Antuan Goodwin/CNET

9 low-tech accessories for your high-tech car

You have your high-tech smartphone paired to your high-tech ride. Now to make them both work to the best of their ability, you may need a few low-tech accessories.

BreffoSpider Podium
The low-tech Breffo Spiderpodium is deceptively simple, but we've found almost a dozen uses for this universal mount since we tested it. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

You have your high-tech smartphone paired to your high-tech ride. Now you want to make them work together and keep them working as safely and efficiently as they can. Sometimes there are high-tech solutions to enable that level of functionality, for example Bluetooth wireless connectivity, iPhone integration, or OBD-II interfacing technologies. However, in many cases, you may find yourself relying on good, old-fashioned low-tech solutions.

Jumper cables, cassette adapters, and tire pressure gauges--these are just some of the unsung heroes of the car tech world. These low-tech wonders have been around for much longer than the USB ports and touch-screen diagnostic systems that we now covet in out tech cars, and some would argue are just as useful, if not more reliable, than their high-tech counterparts. What's more, these inexpensive and often easy-to-operate gadgets make great gifts for new drivers and seasoned car lovers.

We've rounded up 9 low-tech accessories for your high-tech car, but there are sure to be some that we missed. Share your favorite low-tech gadget in the comments below.