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695 Tributo: The littlest Ferrari

Ferrari and Fiat's performance division Abarth have partnered for a limited edition Fiat 500 called the 695 Tributo Ferrari.

However, slapping a prancing pony on a Fiat does not a Ferrari make.
Not only will the 695 be the smallest Ferrari, it's also the cutest! Auto Express

What do you get when you cross the super-cute Fiat 500 with a dash of Abarth tuning and a coat of Scuderia Red paint? You get Ferrari's special edition, the 695 Tributo Ferrari.

The 695 Tributo is the result of a collaboration between Ferrari and Abarth, Fiat's in-house tuning division.

Starting with the 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, the 695 Tributo's power plant sends 180 horsepower through a six-speed automatic transmission with F1-style paddle shifters to the 17-inch Ferrari-inspired alloy wheels. This is still a Fiat, so power will reach the ground through the front wheels. Red Brembo brakes match the Scuderia Red paint and shave off speed before it's time for the uprated suspension to do its thing in the corners.

695 Tributo Ferrari
I still need to check my facts, but I have a hunch that the 695 may offer the most trunk space of any Ferrari ever. Auto Express

Interestingly, this isn't the first Ferrari special edition Fiat 500 offered by the automaker. That honor belongs to the 500 Ferrari Edition offered in 2008 exclusively to Ferrari owners. However the 695 will be the first to bear solely the Ferrari nameplate and special tuning.

The 695 Tributo is set to bow at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show alongside the 495 Italia supercar.

(Source: Auto Express via Jalopnik)