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60 years of Porsche in America

The iconic German automaker celebrated six decades of its cars in the U.S. during its press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It's been a fantastic ride.

At its press conference at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, Porsche unveiled its Cayman R, and showed a video celebrating 60 years of its cars in America.
Daniel Terdiman/CNET

LOS ANGELES--With electric vehicles being one of the main story lines at the LA Auto Show here this week, some other news may have gotten lost in the shuffle. But if you were at the Porsche press conference, where the German automaker unveiled its Cayman R, its presentation of a video celebrating 60 years of its cars in America was worth watching (see video below).

Accompanied by models dressed in the garb of each decade that Porsche has been selling cars in the United States, the presentation was clearly a trip down memory lane for many in the audience. But it was also nostalgic even for those who hadn't been driving--or dreaming about driving--Porsches all those years.

Next up for Porsche may well be a hybrid version of its new Panamera four-door car. And with its sales recovered from a recession-driven rough patch, it seems the company may well be on to its next 60 years here.