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6 in 10 Brits nickname their cars, names include 'Lady Gaga'

Us Brits are a strange bunch. Not content with cheese rolling and bog snorkelling, half of us have also taken to naming our cars.


Us Brits are a strange bunch. Not content with cheese rolling, bog snorkelling and Morris dancing, half of us have also taken to giving pet names to our cars.

According to a study of 3,000 drivers by parking operator NCP (PDF link), six in ten UK drivers aged 17 to 45 have admitted to nicknaming their vehicles. The most popular names were Betty, Bertie and Bob, but worryingly, a quarter of those surveyed admitted opting for celebrity names, including Prince William, Rooney and Lady Gaga.

What is wrong with you people?

Other popular names include those derived from famous cartoon characters, sports figures and politicians. We suppose Minnie Mouse for a Mini would work, as could Usain Bolt for a Lightning Electric car, or Ed Balls for any vehicle prone to breaking down a lot.

Bizarrely, three per cent of those surveyed also admitted to naming their cars after co-workers, though most of the names chosen were heavily influenced by the biggest female celebrities of the past five years, including Cheryl Cole, Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton.

Reassuringly, not everyone feels compelled to name their pride and joy. Twenty per cent of those surveyed said anyone that felt compelled to do so were 'sad'. 

What do you think? Let's thrash this one out in on the CNET UK Facebook wall. Is it sad to name your car, or have you already done so? If so, what kind of car is it and what name does it go by? Let us know, people, we promise not to judge -- much.