24 hours of Dayton with the Porsche Panamera

Goin' home for Turkey Day? Here's something to get you in the mood--driving the 2010 Porsche Panamera all around Dayton, Ohio, for a whole 24 hours. Happy Thanksgiving!

Gary Spencer

Dear readers, while I am a current resident of the great state of California, I will always consider Dayton, Ohio, to be home sweet home. And while it's unfortunate that I am unable to make it home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I have this cute little Web video to remind me of the good-ol' Midwest as CarAndDriver.com takes the 2010 Porsche Panamera for a 24-hour tour of Dayton and its surrounding suburban Ohio neighbors.

The premise here is that the CarAndDriver.com guys are going to take turns driving the 2010 Porsche Panamera sport sedan all around the Dayton, Ohio region nonstop for 24 hours to see what they think about driving the car and being in it for an extended period of time. The reviews and comments are generally positive, with many of the test drivers rating the Porsche Panamera with high regards. But what makes this clip special to me is all the beautiful architecture and green scenery of rural Ohio, reminding me so much of home. If you are able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family, please do so and let your loved ones know that you cherish these times together. Happy Thanksgiving!!!