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2022 Nissan Ariya shows off its US production looks in exclusive photos

Here's the electric SUV exactly as you'll see it at US Nissan dealers this year.

2022 Nissan Ariya EV
This is legit a good-looking SUV.

Nissan's gunning for a big win with the 2022 Ariya -- its upcoming Tesla Model Y rival -- and on Monday, Roadshow received an exclusive look at the upcoming electric SUV. These are the first shots of the US-spec Ariya -- in other words, photos of the EV exactly as we'll see it when the car hits the road later this year.

We already saw the Ariya debut in production form and we're glad to say the SUV doesn't lose any of its sleek charm from the concept. The futuristic front grille hides a suite of technology while a rather simple belt line draws the eye to the rear. Back there, you'll find a simple horizontal light bar, only broken up by the rear tailgate. It looks especially lovely against this sandy pewter color.

Best looking Nissan interior in a long time.


Inside, the good looks continue with an expansive dual-screen setup. The Ariya's party trick is the fact both screens are physically connected. For example, if the passenger fiddles around with the screen closest to them and finds the perfect coffee shop, they can swipe it over to the driver's screen to have a look. Nifty stuff. We'd be remiss not to mention the super-cool center stack, which includes disappearing haptic controls hidden behind the mock woodgrain panel. When the car's off, you don't see them. Fire the Ariya up and as the battery flicks everything on, the buttons reveal themselves.

Nissan said last summer it plans to offer the SUV with two battery pack options in 63-kilowatt-hour and 87-kWh sizes. The latter should help the Ariya achieve 300 miles of range on the EPA test cycle. It should also be far more affordable than a Model Y, at around $40,000. Color us optimistic about this electric SUV and check out all the photos right down below.

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