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2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross picks up substantial style in refresh

The rear end looks far less funky than it used to, but maturing isn't a bad thing.

Sharper all around.

In September, Mitsubishi previewed updates to its newest crossover, the Eclipse Cross, by way of a shadowy teaser. We could tell the body had been updated substantially, but we weren't sure of specifics at the time. Well, now it's time to learn a little more.

Mitsubishi on Thursday unveiled the 2022 Eclipse Cross SUV. The biggest updates to this little utility vehicle come by way of styling. The front end looks much more aggressive, with a dark grille flanked by two strong chrome trim pieces that connect the running lights to the lower fascia. Out back, the light bar spanning the width of the vehicle has been eliminated in favor of two distinct taillights that look less… I don't know, weird?

Strangely, the Eclipse Cross is right-hand-drive only.

Just kidding, Mitsubishi only had pictures of the Australian model.


The cabin is more evolution than revolution, with small tweaks such as a door trim that now matches the color of the seats. The most important addition is a new 8-inch display that rests atop the dashboard, and even better, it's standard across the lineup. The display itself is now closer to the driver for easier access, and a physical volume knob is always a welcome addition. The touchpad on the center console has been banished to the ether, giving the center console a smidge of extra storage.

The 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross rocks the same powertrain as before, consisting of a 1.5-liter turbocharged I4 making 152 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, which marries to a continuously variable transmission with eight simulated "gears." A plug-in hybrid variant will be made available in some markets, but Mitsubishi says it has no plans to bring the PHEV to the US. Shame, that.

The new Eclipse Cross will make its debut in Australia and New Zealand in November, and the US will get a crack at it in the first quarter of 2021.