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2022 Kia Carnival minivan already hit with a recall for leaking fuel

A gas leak increases the risk of a fire, and you don't want that in a brand new minivan.

2022 Kia Carnival
Fuel leaks are no good.

If you've already parked a 2022 Kia Carnival in your driveway, there's a good chance it's part of a fresh recall the brand filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this week. According to the documents, 2,744 of the minivans may feature a damaged fuel rail tube.

With a damaged fuel rail tube, there's a chance gasoline may leak, and when it's near a source of ignition (the engine) the risk of a fire increases. Of the 2,744, Kia estimates just 1% of them actually have the defective fuel rail tube, but nevertheless, it wants to check the entire population of minivans for the problem.

If you own a Carnival, you'll need to take it to a dealer where a technician will inspect the component, and replace multiport injection fuel rail at no cost. Mailed notices to affected owners will start heading out this April 30.