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2022 Ford Mustang, Mach-E look mighty cool with Ice White Edition packages

It's the first time Ford rolled out a package available for both the Mustang coupe and the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV.

2022 Ford Mustang, Mach-E Ice White Edition
The antithesis of a blackout package.

Blackout packages may be all the rage with customers and automakers currently, but Ford wants to flip that trend on its head with new Ice White edition packages for the 2022 Mustang coupe and Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. The brand revealed the new editions Thursday evening, and as their name suggests, it's all about lightening things up with bright white hues.

For the Mustang Mach-E, this package will be available with the Premium trim exclusively and wears a Star White Metallic exterior color. Exterior trim also ditches dark colors in favor of white accents, including the pony badge, and 19-inch wheels with white-painted pockets complete the look. Ford kept trying to use the phrase "ice-out" to describe the look, but let's not try and make that a thing, shall we?

The SUV's interior dons light gray upholstery and a silver hex pattern provides some interesting detail to the instrument panel. Like the exterior, the cockpit also sports white pony badges.

Moving on to the Mustang coupe, the car's look borrows inspiration from the 1993 Triple White Fox Body Mustang. It wears an Oxford White exterior color complete with ice-white elements around the taillights and 19-inch wheels that throw it back to the '90s in their design. The interior rocks a black-and-white look with white leather inserts on the doors and seats, while contrasting white stitching breaks up the black on various trim pieces. An aluminum accent on the dash helps keep the pony car's cooler mode going.

Buyers who want this look for the traditional Mustang can opt for it with the Mustang Ecoboost or the Mustang GT Premium trims. Right now, it's only available for coupes, unlike the Triple White Fox Bodies that were all convertibles a few decades ago.

Buyers can order their Mustang Mach-E Ice White models starting this fall before they land in dealers early next year. The Mustang coupe joins it at the start of 2022.