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2022 Ford Maverick prices quietly increased over the holidays

Effective Dec. 27, 2021, various options now cost more, as do two trim levels.

2022 Ford Maverick XLT AWD
The Lariat trim can cost nearly $1,000 more.
Craig Cole/Roadshow

Ford's hot little pickup truck, the 2022 Maverick, now costs a little more money, just as the automaker begins shipping them to dealers and customers. As of Dec. 27, the truck sees price increases for two trim levels and various packages and equipment also fall victim to price bumps.

According to a document first posted to the Maverick Truck Club forum, the Maverick XLT costs $80 more, while the Lariat trim's price grows by $370. The truck's super affordable $21,490 starting price after a destination charge isn't affected, however. These aren't major price increases by any means, but the quick action to boost prices suggests Ford has quite a lot of demand for the pickup. Ford confirmed the price changes and said the increase falls in line with the automaker's average increases across its entire portfolio of vehicles for 2022.

The bigger increases come from optional packages and equipment. According to the document, the power moon roof costs another $200, while the Maverick Lariat's Luxury Package costs $410 more now. For Lariat customers, the truck effectively costs $780 more when opting for the Luxury Package.

For those who placed orders prior to Dec. 27, the price increases don't mean a thing. The document explicitly states these changes are for orders after the date, so don't sweat it, patient Maverick customers.