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2022 Ford Bronco, Ranger Recalled Because Windshield Could Detach

2022 Ford Bronco
Only the 2022 model year Bronco is affected.
Andrew Krok/CNET

What's happening

The Ford Bronco and Ranger are being recalled due to improperly attached windshields.

Why it matters

If involved in a crash, the windshields on these vehicles could detach, increasing the risk of injury to passengers.

What's next

Ford dealers will uninstall and properly reinstall these vehicles' windshields. Owners will be notified beginning in July.

Ford is recalling 63,294 examples of the Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup truck, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced this week. The problem? The windshields on the affected vehicles might not have been properly affixed, meaning they could detach.

All of the Broncos and Rangers being recalled are 2022 model year vehicles that were built between December and April. The NHTSA says 39,063 Broncos and 24,231 Rangers are affected by this recall.

"The windshield may not stay adequately retained in a crash, which may increase the risk of personal injury," NHTSA said in its bulletin (PDF). "The cause for this issue remains unknown at this time." The NHTSA also noted that "affected vehicles could exhibit increased wind noise or water leaks."

Owners will be notified by mail beginning in mid-July. Dealers will uninstall and properly reinstall the vehicles' windshields free of charge. To check if your vehicle is affected by this or any other recall, visit CNET's how-to guide.