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Can-Am's 2022 Ryker Rally is a 3-wheeled, powersliding machine

With an Akrapovic exhaust, bountiful skidplates and a taller suspension, the Ryker Rally is ready to storm any fire road.

I mean, its three wheels are still weird but this doesn't not look like fun.

For a lot of people, the idea of riding a motorcycle is a scary one. That can be because they're uncomfortable with something that can fall over (sometimes with you on it), or maybe they had a previous bad experience with one or even an injury that makes riding a conventional motorcycle impossible.

For these people, there is a whole world of three-wheeled motorcycle-adjacent vehicles that offer some of the thrills, with a little more security. The Can-Am Spyder and the more recent Can-Am Ryker models are popular for those reasons, and now, for 2022, there is a new Ryker that was introduced on Friday, and it might be the coolest one yet.

With the Ryker Rally, you're getting a standard Rotax engine (900cc, 82 horsepower and three cylinders, in this case) paired with a CVT transmission with reverse. Where it starts to differ is with the single seat, some slightly off-roady tires, a remote-adjustable suspension that's an inch taller than standard and an Akrapovic exhaust. Considering that three wheels are not my thing, even I think this looks kind of rad.

The goal of the Rally is to let riders more comfortably and safely tackle dirt and gravel roads. To aid that, it's got several ride modes, one of which is unique to the Rally model. It's called Rally mode (duh) and will allow controlled drifts on loose surfaces. Think of it as a cross between a big adventure motorcycle and a Subaru WRX, but cheaper, and you're in the ballpark.

The Ryker Rally will start at $13,499 before dealer fees, taxes, etc., and you can add all kinds of factory-approved accessories to make the trike just like you like it, but they add up quickly.

Can-Am also introduced a new trim for its popular Spyder series called the F3 Limited Special Series, which takes the loaded Spyder Limited and adds a new color, comfort seats and a bunch of luggage for more touring-oriented riders. This bad boy will set you back a borderline-obscene $27,499.

The 2022 Can-Am models are expected to reach dealers in February of next year.

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