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2021 Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen fuel-cell stunner arrives this December

Toyota will launch the car in the US in just one month with two trim choices.

2021 Toyota Mirai
Lovely design.

The world may not be ready for fuel cell-powered vehicles, but Toyota's ready to launch the second-gen Mirai sedan to help change the public's collective mind. On Sunday, the automaker revealed via Twitter the next Mirai arrives in the US this December.

When it lands, don't expect widespread availability. The current Mirai is only sold in California and Hawaii -- the only states with a halfway decent hydrogen fueling network. Even then, it's susceptible to kinks in the supply chain. Toyota previously told Roadshow it still plans to work with some Northeaster US states to help get a hydrogen supply chain off the ground, but by and large, hydrogen fueling networks are hard to come by.

Nevertheless, buyers (or lessees) will have the choice of two Mirai trims: XLE and Limited. We don't have prices, but the XLE will serve as the entry-level sedan, while the Mirai Limited boasts all the comforts available. Both of them still look stunning and I still find a lot to love with the design. A shame we don't have a battery-electric version because I'd probably be first in line to take one home. The new rear-wheel drive platform creates a lovely shape.

The new Mirai also boasts a larger hydrogen fuel cell, so drivers can expect a longer estimated driving range compared to the current car. Toyota thinks it'll add 30% more range, so we could be looking at 400 miles to a tank of hydrogen.

Ahead of the car's launch, we'll likely receive more information, so stay tuned, and maybe hope for expanded hydrogen refueling networks so we can see more Mirai sedans on the road.

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