Porsche Taycan 4S gets a 12% range increase for 2021, report says

The model still trails the competition in range on paper, but this should help narrow the real-world gap even further.

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Taycan Turbo at the Porsche Experience Center

The Taycan is closing the range gap a little at a time, a new report says.


Porsche's EV is a towering achievement, particularly when you consider it's the company's first effort at a ground-up EV design. It's got a lot of excellent qualities, but one area of criticism that many potential customers can't seem to let go of is its relatively low EPA-certified range.

Well, now, according to a report published Thursday by InsideEVs, things are looking a little rosier on the range front. By that, I mean that the EPA-certified range estimate for the 2021 Porsche Taycan 4S is up around 12% over the 2020 model. That means that it's good for either 199 or 227 miles, depending on which battery you opt for.

Now, to those used to seeing Tesla range estimates, that's probably not all that impressive, but according to real-world test results published by the likes of Car & Driver and Edmunds, there isn't as much difference as you might think. This slight range boost should further close that gap, making the Taycan an even more appealing prospect to luxury EV buyers.

It's hard to say what exactly changed to make the Taycan's range estimate improve. The EPA test is the same, and to our knowledge, the vehicle's hardware is unchanged as well. This leaves software efficiencies, but Porsche didn't immediately respond to our request for clarification.

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