2021 Nissan Rogue shoppers will find the Toyota RAV4 at dealers for good reason

Nissan wants anyone thinking about buying the rival SUV to experience both at the same time.

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Cross-shop right in the same place.


Car shopping is a pain. Visiting different dealerships, driving various cars and dealing with multiple sets of salespeople isn't exactly an ideal Saturday for anyone. hopes anyone kicking the tires on the 2021 Rogue will appreciate the fact that they can directly compare a staunch rival -- the Toyota RAV4 -- right on the spot.

Automotive News reported Monday on what could be a simple and effective scheme, as Nissan gears up to launch its best-selling vehicle this year. Starting in December, Nissan dealers that sign up will receive a rented RAV4, at no cost to them, to use as a sales tactic with potential Rogue shoppers. Nissan told the website it expects about half of its dealers nationwide to sign up for the rival comparison drives. 

While Nissan hopes shoppers fall in love with the Rogue compared to the RAV4, there is always the chance it saves them a trip to a Toyota dealer if they happen to prefer the rival SUV. Judy Wheeler, Nissan's vice president of sales and regional operations, told AN she's confident that won't be the case. Nissan told Roadshow on the strategy, "The all-new 2021 Nissan Rogue is a core vehicle in our Nissan NEXT global transformation plan. We are confident that when consumers check out the all-new Rogue side-by-side with a key competitor, they will be thrilled by our standard Nissan Safety Shield 360, advanced technology and premium design inside and out. The vehicle will sell itself, produce positive results for our dealers, and offer convenience for our customers who want to be able to compare options."

The Rogue and RAV4 have traded first-place sales positions in the past, and Nissan very much thinks it's in the hunt with its new SUV. According to AN data, the Rogue is only the No. 4 best-selling compact SUV through September, although the outgoing Rogue is quite dated. The totally new model could shake things up quite a bit.

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