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2021 Morgan Plus Four packs BMW power and lots of new parts

Some 97% of the neo-vintage car's components are brand spanking new.

No wonder Morgan keeps its styling relatively unchanged. Look at this thing. It's stunning.

Some things can change while staying largely the same. Despite a wealth of advancements and a powertrain from an entirely different supplier, the 2021 Morgan Plus Four still retains that same classic look that makes it so appealing. While the Geneva Motor Show might be canceled, Morgan is ready to roll out the next generation of its Plus Four.

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You might notice that I'm saying Plus Four instead of Plus 4. That's intentional: Morgan changed the name of the car, replacing the number with the word. The automaker said in a press release that it did so to signify the difference between this new model and its forebear.

The new Plus Four borrows its underlying bonded aluminum chassis from the Plus Six. The smaller Morgan makes itself stand apart with a narrower body and differently designed "wings" on either side. This new chassis also gives the Plus Four better ingress and egress, in addition to more passenger and cargo volumes. New 15-inch alloy wheels are available, but others are also available in varying degrees of vintage.

The Ford engine that powered prior models is gone in favor of something flashier and German. Now living under the hood is BMW's 2.0-liter turbocharged I4, which produces 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque when mated to an eight-speed automatic, or 258 lb-ft when connected to an optional six-speed manual. With the slushbox, the Plus Four rockets to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds, with that figure dropping to 5.2 seconds with the manual.

There's nothing on the road like it. Except older Morgans, of course.


Not only is the new engine vastly more powerful, it's also pretty efficient and much better for the environment. Morgan estimates that the Plus Four will achieve 40 miles per gallon, with a carbon-dioxide output some 30% lower than before.

All in, Morgan claims 97% of the Plus Four's components are new. Talk about an upgrade, right?

Standard equipment is up in a big way, too, now including automatic LED lights, keyless locking and anti-lock brakes. It also picks up formerly optional equipment like power steering and sun visors. An in-car audio system with Bluetooth is available, and the cars can be outfitted to high heaven with a variety of aesthetic and functional options.

The 2021 Morgan Plus Four is now available for ordering, with deliveries starting in the second quarter of 2020. Including value-added tax, the Morgan Plus Four starts at £62,995, which converts to about $80,440.