2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series revealed ahead of July 15 debut

AMG's most insane GT yet has a crazy body kit and a giant rear wing.

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The new Black Series isn't exactly subtle.


Some low-quality photos of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series leaked online last week, and on Thursday AMG released a new video and a couple images that shows the design of the top-dog GT in full ahead of its reveal on July 15. The Black Series label has only been applied to a handful of AMGs in the past, denoting a model with insane power, crazy aerodynamics and superfast lap times.

The video, embedded below, features YouTube influencer shmee150 "stealing" the car from AMG's factory and taking it for a joyride. We can't hear much of the car's engine given the quick edit cuts and background music, but it should sound even meaner than the regular GT R Pro engine does, if that's possible.

The Black Series makes the already wild GT R look tame in comparison. (When I visited AMG's factory in March I saw a Black Series in camouflage, and I can't overstate how crazy this thing looks in person.) The first thing you'll notice is the absolutely massive, tiered rear spoiler, which has got to be the tallest wing fitted to any production car. It looks adjustable in multiple points and should provide a ton of downforce.

At the front, the Black Series' superwide grille seems to have been ripped directly from the GT3 race car, and there are additional intakes and canards on the corners of the bumper and a low front splitter. The hood has a central scoop flanked by two large vents, and the front fenders are vented as well. The Black Series ditches the GT R's small fender vents for a large opening that takes up almost the entire body side, and it flows into deep side skirts. Interestingly, the car seen here has the same wheel design as the GT R -- we expect other styles will be optional, and the Black Series should come with exceptionally sticky tires.

The wing isn't the only change at the rear, either. While the GT R has a prominent center exhaust outlet and two smaller, hidden pipes on the sides of the diffuser, the Black Series has four large, round exhaust tips in the corners of the diffuser like the standard GT. The corners of the bumper have big vents too, and the diffuser is large and aggressive. The car in the video and leaked shots is finished in a two-tone color scheme, with the lower parts of the bumpers and side skirts, sections of the hood and the hatch finished in unpainted carbon-fiber.

In the video we can also see a bit of the interior, which is covered in black leather with orange accents. The bucket seats have a four-point racing harness, and there's a half roll-cage behind the seats. It's a safe bet that there will be a lot of Alcantara and some unique trim options. The Black Series should be lighter than the GT R by quite a bit, as well -- the SLS Black Series was more than 150 pounds lighter than the normal SLS AMG.

2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series has a crazy big wing

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While we don't have any confirmed details about the Black Series' powertrain, rumors point to it using AMG's tried-and-true twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 boosted to over 700 horsepower, which would make it the most powerful production car ever to come out of Affalterbach, Germany. Recent rumors also suggest the Black Series will boast a Nurburgring lap time of under 7 minutes, putting in the same league as hypercars like the .

We'll know more about the AMG GT Black Series when it debuts in just a couple days' time on July 15. Expect a price tag well over the $199,650 cost of the GT R Pro, and production will likely be limited to no more than a couple of thousand units.