2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S sedan and wagon grow sharper

Performance remains unchanged, but the designs take on the AMG-specific look that defines the sub-brand.

The big boys are back in town.

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S lineup is here, and it's chock full of improvements. No, said improvements don't extend to the powertrain, but that shouldn't keep this go-fast E-Class from being lovable nonetheless.

Mercedes-Benz revealed the latest E63 S sedan and wagon Wednesday evening ahead of a livestream debut on Thursday morning. The overall positive news for those smitten with the big, German brutes is the powertrain remains the same. For those hoping for the 48-volt mild-hybrid tech spreading across Mercedes-Benz's portfolio, it hasn't arrived with the E63 S just yet.

So, the familiar twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 remains with 603 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. A nine-speed automatic transmission also carries over, shuffling all the power to the a standard all-wheel-drive system. For those who want to get silly under safe conditions, Drift Mode is part of the 4Matic Plus AWD tech allowing you to kick the either the sedan's or wagon's behind out. Six other driving modes will let you choose your own adventure, too.

Where the 2021 models really differ are in the styling department. The E63 S sedan and wagon both wear the AMG family face now with a wider grille, vertical slats and the massive Mercedes-Benz star right in the middle. (The company calls this the Panamericana design.) Full LED headlights and flared wheel arches help make both models look more aggressive than before. We think they wear the new grille treatment well, even if it's a bit more shouty than the old one.

The new look also better serves the engine's cooling needs, as the larger intakes route air where it's needed most. The front splitter can also be finished in one of three choices: silver, black or carbon fiber. The latter two options will require more cash, of course. What won't cost extra are the now-standard 20-inch aero wheels, which rock a twin five-spoke design.

Most changes come at the rear for the sedan, which sports new, flatter taillights than before. The design runs into the trunk lid while a new chrome strip links both elements at the top. The E63 S wagon also gets new taillights, but the redesign focuses only on the inner elements. The shape hasn't actually changed. A new rear bumper and tweaked exhaust pipes cap things off.

Moving inside, the interior keeps things familiar as well, but there's a new AMG Performance steering wheel for drivers to grip. It also houses new buttons Mercedes-AMG says are nearly seamless. Otherwise, the AMG seats remain upholstered in Nappa leather, as is much of the dashboard. The MBUX infotainment system gets a minor overhaul and now features AMG-specific graphics, while two 12.3-inch screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment system are at the driver's service.

Mercedes-Benz hasn't shared an official price just yet, nor has it confirmed when the latest E63 S sedan and wagon will ship out to dealers, but it's safe to say prices should climb too much higher than their current $107,350 and $111,750 MSRPs.

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