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2021 Ford F-150 will be like a living space, report says

A "sleeper seat" feature will reportedly make the F-150 basically a second home.

Want to live in a truck? Maybe not, but the 2021 F-150 will apparently be really posh.


In less than a week, we'll see the extensively updated 2021 Ford F-150, but before then, we're perhaps learning a little more about new pickup truck -- including a "sleeper seat" kind of deal.

What in the world is it? According to a source cited in a Reuters report on Thursday, the new F-150's passenger seat will lay entirely flat, not unlike a first-class plane seat. With it, the source said it wouldn't be hard to live in the pickup truck. There might be a joke in here somewhere about new truck loan payments rivaling some mortgages.

Ford declined to comment for this story.

While the F-150 isn't in for a total overhaul, we will see some other extensive updates to the pickup. Past spy shots showed a heavily reworked interior with a big touchscreen in the center and a digital gauge cluster. The features will definitely be a part of the Lariat trim level, while fancier variants could be even more lavish. 

On Thursday, we also got our first official look at the new F-150's front clip, with massive LED signature lights creating a bracket-like look. And we know this new model will eventually usher in an F-150 Hybrid, which will pair electrification with the truck's V6 engine. Reuters says the new pickup will support over-the-air updates as well, which indicates Sync 4 will ride with the 2021 F-150. OTA updates are part of a big push within Ford to cut warranty costs, the report said.

We'll have the full details on the new F-150 next week, so stay tuned. And stick around, because two weeks later, we'll finally see the 2021 Ford Bronco.

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