2021 Ford Edge gets a big ass touchscreen

Upgrades elsewhere are minimal, but if you want, Ford will drop a massive 12-inch touchscreen in the center stack that includes Sync 4.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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2021 Ford Edge

Ford supersized the touchscreen.


Despite all signs pointing to the Ford Edge's demise in the near future, revealed a round of updates for the SUV on Wednesday. This isn't a "blink and you'll miss it" kind of update: Ford decided to install a massive touchscreen in the center stack for 2021 Edge.

The unit measures 12 inches large and sits in a vertical orientation, much like top-tier Explorer models. Backing the big new screen up is Ford's Sync 4 infotainment system, which adds over-the-air update capabilities and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. The system paired with the large screen also supports multi-tasking, so you can keep, say, navigation running while looking through a separate menu on the screen all at once. The SUV doesn't look much different, but there's actually a lot to love on the technology side of things with these updates.

It's not the sexiest implementation of the large vertical screen we've seen from an automaker, but then again, the Edge is also pretty old. This current generation dates back to 2015 and received mild styling updates along the way. New tech is a great way to keep the Edge fresh, but the rumor mill points to the SUV's demise in the coming future.

Ford in the past declined to comment on the SUV's future, but information from forecasting firm AutoForecast Solutions pointed to upcoming Ford SUVs essentially making the model redundant. Ford may have something electric in the pipeline that will fill the Edge's space and not feel as anonymous in the process. The Edge and its cousin, the , are the last two cars assembled at Ford's plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Thankfully, Ford has five new EVs planned to shore up Canadian production, which put fears of a plant closure to rest earlier this year.

In the here and now, this new tech will hold buyers looking for a midsize SUV in the meantime. It's not clear which trims will receive the big 12-inch screen, but it's locked in for those shopping the Edge Titanium and the racier Edge ST.

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