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2021 Ford Bronco goes wild with off-road parts and accessories

There will be no shortage of parts and accessories from RTR Vehicles, ARB 4x4 Accessories and 4 Wheel Parts.

2021 Ford Bronco accessory concepts
An accessory for everyone.

Pop into a Ford dealership and there will be loads of literature on Ford-sanctioned performance parts and accessories for the 2021 Bronco. If that's not enough, Ford announced Tuesday it has three friends the automaker's working closely with to grow the list further. 

RTR Vehicles, ARB 4x4 Accessories and 4 Wheel Parts will all have parts and accessories tailor-made for the new Bronco when it launches this summer, and Ford gave fans a look at them during the Easter Safari event in Moab. Talk about crashing Jeep's party a tad. The parts included in the roster outside of Ford's own components are suspension and lift kits, custom wheels and body components and various performance driveline parts. On the accessories side of things, the three companies and Ford worked to develop tents, storage and lighting.

Three concepts show off each of the company's work, with the flashiest of them all definitely being the RTR model. Vaughn Gittin Jr. is the man behind the company, so it makes sense. The RTR Bronco, based on a four-door Badlands trim, sports custom rock sliders, a new rear bumper, 3D-printed grille, Project X lightbar, custom RTR graphics and 12-volt Type S Blizzard Box refrigerator and freezer combo. RTR graphics finish things off. 

ARB's SUV, meanwhile, takes a similar route with custom bumpers, heavy duty rock sliders and a differential cover. ARB tossed in a twin compressor and this Bronco also includes a fridge-freezer combo in the rear. 4 Wheel Parts channeled the outdoorsy type with a focus on camping gear, like the Smittybilt overhead tent, and an awning complete with refrigerator and air system. That's not to say it skimped out on other accessories. Custom bumpers, a skid plate and winch platform, heavy-duty suspension components and a custom roof rack are all part of the package. 

Ford got in on the fun, too, with a custom Bronco with its own in-house parts. The SUV, finished in red, starts with the Sasquatch Package and adds JAC Products rock rails, fender flares by Air Design and Trail Armor rocker panel covers by Lund. The matte black hood reduces glare out on the trail. Inside, there's a DC Safety rear cargo organizer, Tufty MOLLE straps with a security drawer below and a Console Vault center console.

With partners and Ford's own parts, the automaker plans to have over 200 parts and accessories on sale when eager buyers take delivery of their SUVs. The figure will absolutely grow -- count on it.

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