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2021 Ford Bronco recalled for airbags that may not deploy correctly

The passenger-side airbag may open too soon, which could contribute to improper deployment in the event of a crash.

A few hundred Broncos will need new airbags.


The 2021 Ford Bronco is subject to a new recall, though it's a rather small number of SUVs the Blue Oval needs to see back. According to documents the automaker filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month, a group of Broncos may house faulty passenger-side airbags.

This group of 553 may include airbags that don't deploy properly. Specifically, the passenger-side airbags may "open prematurely and result in improper deployment," NHTSA said. With the issue, these Broncos fail to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Fortunately, the issue is a quick fix. Owners will need to bring their Bronco back to a dealer, where a technician will install a new passenger-side airbag at no cost. Look for mailed notices on the recall to start landing in mailboxes starting Nov. 15.