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2021 Ram TRX reveal: Watch the F-150 Raptor rival debut here

Ram will at last have a high-performance pickup of its own.

It's been four years since Ram teased its vision for a Ford F-150 Raptor rival in the Ram Rebel TRX. Now, we finally get to see what Ram's been cooking in the form of the 2021 Ram TRX, which you can read all about right here.

You can watch the TRX debut right here in the livestream embedded above, and yes, it has 702 horsepower. The Rebel TRX looks positively boss with its V8 power -- something lacking from the F-150 Raptor these days. We already decided to pit the two trucks together on paper.

The truck will be about more than just sheer power with plenty of off-road gear to make the Ram TRX formidable off the beaten path. With the TRX unleashed, it's your move, Ford.