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2021 Chevy Tahoe is only a little more expensive

The brand-new SUV starts at just $1,000 more than last year's model.

This is a new Tahoe in the sporty RST trim.

The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe has been majorly redesigned for 2021. It rides on a new platform with an independent rear suspension, has updated engines and a new 10-speed transmission (as well as a new diesel option) and is packed with more tech than before. Now we know how much the 2021 Tahoe will cost, and it's surprisingly not much more than the outgoing Tahoe truck.

As reported by Automotive News in February and confirmed by Roadshow, the base 2021 Tahoe LS model will start at $50,295 including destination. That's $1,000 up from the 2020 model, not bad considering the multitude of new standard features like LED lighting and automated emergency braking. The next-level-up LT trim will cost $55,095, only $800 more than the 2020 LT. 

The higher-end Premier trim will actually be $100 cheaper than last year's, starting at $63,895. We don't yet know how much the top-level High Country will cost, though. The 2020 Tahoe doesn't have an equivalent trim -- it tops out at the Premier model -- so we'll have to guess how much it will be. Let's say close to $70,000, if not past it. The High Country adds new features like a massive head-up display and is available with air suspension, and it comes standard with the more powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine.

Pricing hasn't been released for the off-road-ready Z71 model, either, but there's a bit of precedent to guess that one. Chevy currently offers a Z71 package on the LT trim level for $1,850, which adds things like a two-speed transfer case, retuned suspension and chunky tires. But the 2021 Z71 is being positioned as its own model with unique styling cues and even more mechanical differences, so it may be closer to $5,000 more expensive than the LT. The RST has similarly been broken out to be its own trim level instead of just a package -- on the 2020 Tahoe it's $2,995 on the LT trim or $2,705 on the Premium -- but the 2021's RST pricing shouldn't be too different.

Chevy also hasn't announced how much the larger (and largely identical) Suburban will be, but we can make an educated guess about that too. The current Suburban is $2,800 more expensive than the equivalent Tahoe across the board, and the 2021 models should be similar.

Both the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban will go on sale in the US in the middle of the year, with V8-powered Tahoes entering production first. Production of the turbodiesel engine will start in the fall.

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First published Feb. 10.