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2021 Chevy Colorado will be more expensive, but for a good reason

Chevy will discontinue the base model that basically no one bought anyway.

Look at that sand fly!
Craig Cole/Roadshow

Those shopping for a 2021 Chevrolet Colorado will find the truck's a little more expensive than the previous model year, as in, about $4,000 more expensive.

Chevy didn't just go ahead and jack up the price for no reason, though. Instead, the price increase goes into effect because the current base model will head into retirement. Cars Direct first reported on the trim shuffling last Friday, which sees the base extended cab model ride off into the sunset. It gave buyers a chance to step into a Colorado for $22,395 after a destination charge. Now, the cheapest Colorado will be $26,395.

That'll net buyers an extended-cab Work Truck model with more comforts. As the original report mentioned, buyers often had rebates and incentives at their disposal to help knock the higher price down to the base model's level. More equipment for less money is always a winning proposition. Chevy told Roadshow the base model's take rate was pretty low and said the reshuffled entry-level model will make a "compelling" package.

The extended-cab Work Truck, meanwhile, gets a $500 price increase over the 2020 model. The destination fee climbs $100 to $1,195 total and the MSRP itself is now $400 more. This year, shoppers will also find the midsize pickup has refreshed looks to pull it closer in line with the full-size Silverado 1500.

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