2020 Volkswagen Golf to debut this month, North American availability still uncertain

The Golf GTI and R are, however, safe.

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2019 Volkswagen Golf
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2019 Volkswagen Golf

Will we see this face in North America again? It's not clear yet.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

Volkswagen's new 2020 Golf hatchback is set to be revealed later this month.

A Volkswagen representative confirmed with Roadshow on Thursday that the eighth generation of the blockbuster nameplate will debut on Oct. 24 at an event in its hometown of Wolfsburg, Germany. Supposedly, according to a Motor1 report, this car was set to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month, but company brass pushed it back to give its electric VW ID 3 some extra breathing room, and of course, media attention. Whenever a new Golf comes out it's huge news and would have stolen much limelight from the ID 3.

Another reason for the Golf's delayed disrobing has to do with development issues. Supposedly, engineers have been wrestling with software problems related to its over-the-air update capability.

Not too much is known about the upcoming MK8 Golf, but based on spy photos it should carry forward the current car's tasteful exterior styling. Some may deride the outgoing version as duller than a broken pencil, and yes, it's far from the most exciting thing around, but that visually clean look is practically guaranteed to age well. With their wild grilles and crazy swoops, will any modern Lexus look good in 20 years? Probably not.

European drivers will certainly be able to purchase a 2020 Golf once it goes on sale, which shouldn't be too far off since it's reported production has already commenced in Wolfsburg. The bad news is Volkswagen's seminal model perhaps won't be crossing the Atlantic. 

Rumor has it the Golf will no longer be offered in North America due to lackluster sales. Volkswagen stood by its previous statement issued earlier this year that said, "Other Golf models are under consideration for the North American region." VW has already confirmed the practical and surprisingly good Alltrack and SportWagen variants will not return.

That's certainly a heaping helping of bad news, but if it's any consolation, we will eventually receive performance versions of the car including the spunky GTI and ever-entertaining Golf R -- even if the standard Golf won't be sold in North America.

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