2020 Toyota Supra subject to another BMW recall

This time, 245 Supra, BMW Z4 and 330i models need to be checked for the possibility of failing headlights.

It's kind of important to have working headlights.

This world is a weird one, and bundled into the weirdness is the fact BMW builds the Toyota Supra. That much you surely have known, but with production responsibility comes the need to execute recalls when needed.

For the third time, BMW has recalled the 2020 Toyota Supra, this time for the possibility of failing headlights. In documents BMW submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the automaker said 177 Supras need to go back to the dealer. In total, there are 245 cars affected; the BMW Z4 and 330i make up the other portion. The former is, of course, the Supra's platform mate.

The cars may have headlight control units that could outright fail, and if they do, drivers may lose headlight functionality. Obviously that's a problem, and the lack of headlights increases the risk of a crash. Dealers will need to check the control unit out and replace it, and all work will be performed for free.

BMW first recalled Toyota's sports car back in September, though the recall was limited to just seven cars. Unfortunately, the recall said some of those cars needed to be replaced outright due to bad welds. A second recall came for backup cameras in October.

For the headlight issue, owners will receive notices starting Jan. 17. Keep an eye on the mailbox.

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