Roadshow Asks: Do you like the 2020 Toyota Supra?

Toyota's legendary Supra is back after a 20-year hiatus. What’s your opinion: Love? Hate? Somewhere in between?

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The 2020 Toyota Supra has easily been one of the most anticipated reveals of this week's 2019 Detroit Auto Show. After a 20-year hiatus and years of rumors, the iconic Supra is back!  We've seen the teasers and the leaks, and we've felt the anticipation leading up to this reveal. The curtains has finally fallen, and what seemed like it was never going to arrive is now staring us in the face.

2020 Toyota Supra: A Japanese sports car legend returns

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After reading readers' comments on Roadshow and on social medial outlets like Facebook and Twitter, it's clear the new Supra is arriving to mixed emotions. Some people love it, some are sorely disappointed and many are somewhere in between. Some care about its substantial shared parts count with its BMW Z4 sister car, while others don't. Here's a handful of sample feedback we've received:

Roadshow comments:  

"I for one will be taking a look...If for no other reason than I still have an '87 non-turbo Supra with a manual tranny which is fun to tool around in in the right weather."  -- Roadshow member: tlc_lla

"What a disappointment. fake vents, $60k out the door minimum, using BMW iDrive (puke) and only 335 HP!? This car should be just sold as the new GT 86 and everyone would be happy. Doesn't look or feel like a Supra at all."  -- Roadshow member: Maundrel

"I think it's kind of attractive, actually. But no manual transmission? Um. What the heck is the point of a sports car without manual? Oh well, been driving for 44 years, so I guess I'm just a dinosaur." -- Roadshow member: jalywol1  

"Much weaker reveal than many anticipated. Overall, pretty disappointed, doesn't even make more power than the Z4?! (Z4 makes 382hp and 369lb-ft) It will be light and agile, but so far it's looking like a dud. A new Camaro SS 1LE would wipe the floor with it in the streets and on the track, for less money... and this thing isn't much of a looker either. Waiting this many years for the reveal was a terrible mistake." -- Roadshow member: BobbyGT


"I wish they kill her [rather] than sending her back like this" -- @baro0k via Twitter  

"It's everything we hoped the GT86 / BRZ would be and more" - @JanthanOsman via Twitter

"Not very impressive so many cars already out there that will end meet embarrass it. In stock trim. This car should be a statement car. Could have been Toyota's chance to put themselves back in the spotlight." -- @BDD8‏ via Twitter


"This will decimate all after you put about $15,000 in it " -- Chris Avila via Facebook

"The legend wasn't the car... it was the motor. Don't be mistaken. And this ain't a Supra. It's a rebadged BMW Z4 replacement." -- Bernie Do-An via Facebook

"Nice! This is so 'toxicly masculine' that someone needs to call Gillette quick!" -- Scott Michael via Facebook

"Fake grilles, multicolored wheels, the hoaky black plastic everywhere, a BMW engine and only automatic... This was no enthusiasts... dream." -- Aaron Williams via Facebook:

"Paul Walker would not approve." -- Mohammad Rashad Nasereddin via Facebook

These are just a small sampling of opinions, and we want to know how you feel about the 2020 Supra. Does its styling, drivetrain and overall specs capture your interest? Was the 20-year wait worthwhile? Was it everything you thought it would be?

Hit the comments section below and speak your mind, and be sure to weigh in on our polls to see how your opinion jibes with your fellow readers. We look forward to reading your opinions and are curious to see where the survey ends up. 

Have fun, and thank you for contributing!