2020 Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid revealed ahead of LA Auto Show debut

The "most powerful RAV4 yet" is set to debut at 2019 LA Auto Show.

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Following the launch of the 2020 RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid models, Toyota is adding a third variant to the lineup with the announcement of the 2020 RAV4 Plug-in which will debut at the 2019 LA Auto Show next month.

Rather than focusing purely on the fuel economy benefits of the current RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota has chosen to also emphasize the performance advantages of the electrified variant, which is more powerful, slightly faster and a more enjoyable drive than the non-hybrid. It's an interesting strategy that Toyota claims is responsible for a 150-percent increase in RAV4 Hybrid model sales over the previous generation.

Today's announcement teases a yet greener and potentially meaner model to come, with Toyota claiming the 2020 RAV4 Plug-in "will become the most powerful RAV4 yet."

The PHEV formula of adding a larger battery pack and a charging port should net the RAV4 a bit of purely electric range which would, in turn, help the plug-in best the current hybrid's 41 city, 38 highway and 40 combined mpg estimates. A reserver of power may also allow Toyota to coax a few more kilowatts out of one (or both) of the plug-in's two electric motors, topping the current hybrid's 219 ponies in the process. Specs and numbers, however, have not yet been announced, so we're left speculating until the new model debuts in LA.


What we do know is that the RAV4 Plug-in will add a new color to the palette of options: Supersonic Red, which is illustrated in the preview image that accompanied the announcement. We also know that, as a 2020 model year vehicle, the plug-in will also benefit from Toyota's also newly announced warranty extension for electrified vehicle batteries which stretches coverage for the pack to 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Following in the footsteps of the Prius Plug-in/Prius Prime, the RAV4 Plug-in will be the second PHEV model in the brand's history. Expect more details between now Nov. 20, when the 2020 RAV4 plug-in bows at the 2019 LA Auto Show.