Subaru teases all-new 2020 Legacy for Chicago with a big ol' screen

Almost all the physical buttons are gone.

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That's a whole lot o' screen.


Subaru's Starlink infotainment system is set to get a major upgrade at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show , as part of the all-new 2020 .

Subaru on Thursday released the first teaser for its new 2020 Legacy, which will debut at the Chicago Auto Show on Thursday, Feb. 7. Subaru only offered up a single teaser image and no additional information, but the teaser gives us a good idea about what to expect, tech-wise.

The most obvious change in the teaser is the addition of a giant screen for the Starlink infotainment system. The screen is now in portrait orientation, similar to Volvo's Sensus Connect system. Nearly all the physical buttons are gone, including the climate control, in favor of increased digitalization. There are still volume and tuning knobs, in addition to real buttons for the front and rear defrosters and the interior temperature.

Underneath the screen, there's at least one USB Type-A port, in addition to a button that swaps the infotainment screen to a camera view. There's still a small display just above the telematics, but it's not illuminated in the teaser, so perhaps it's been swapped out for something else. We'll find out when Subaru pulls back the veil next week in Chicago.

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