2020 Porsche 911 teasers offer our best look yet

The teasers show the latest Neunelfer tackling all the weather. All of it.

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Winter's probably a lot more tolerable when you're faffing about in a 911.


Just as Porsche's done with the Taycan in the past, the automaker now has some camouflaged teasers of its next new car, the 2020 .

Porsche unveiled a slew of shots of the new 911 as it underwent testing in just about every climate known to man. Each location Porsche tests its cars serves a different purpose. Porsche tests in the desert to ensure its interior -- and more importantly, the air conditioning -- can handle 122-degree heat.

It heads to Finland to make sure the cars still start and handle cold as chilling as minus 31 degrees. Perhaps most interestingly, though, Porsche also mentioned that it tests the 911 in China to prove "they can run reliably on fuels whose qualities vary enormously." They trek to mountains to see how the cars run in thin air, and they blast around high-speed test tracks in Italy to ensure the car can handle prolonged abuse.

The camouflage is pretty darn limited, giving us our best look yet at the 992-generation Neunelfer. While the front end doesn't change all that much, the rear end adopts slimmer lighting like the kind we've seen on the new and . As with every 911 generation before it, the silhouette stays as true as possible to the original design. Hey, if it ain't broke...

The very minimal camouflage should also signal that Porsche intends to unveil the 992 very shortly. If the automaker takes the traditional auto-show route, it could drop the new 911 at LA just after Thanksgiving, which is the most likely route since that's what Porsche told Car and Driver would happen. That said, if plans change, it could potentially break cover at Detroit or Geneva in the dead of winter, although the warmer climes of LA certainly seem like the better fit.

2020 Porsche 911 low-camo teasers mean it's coming soon

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