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2020 Nissan Titan is coming soon and now we know what it'll cost

Nissan's big boy pickup is better looking than ever and it's still sensibly priced.

The Titan's got a new face and a new gearbox, but the pricing is still a strong selling point.


Nissan's made some big changes to the 2020 Titan, including giving the guillotine to the Titan's Cummins diesel V8 engine option, retuning the long-lived "Endurance V8" for a bit more power and adding a new nine-speed transmission. None of this is big news now, but what we didn't know was how much the 2020 Nissan Titan was going to cost.

But now we do, and the news isn't too bad. The two-wheel drive Titan S King cab will set you back just $36,190 of your American dollars. Sure, that's around $8,000 more than the Ford F-150 at the bottom (read: work truck spec) of its trim range, but you do get quite a bit of standard features in the Titan, and a decent warranty.

From there, things continue up the pricing ladder rather sensibly with the Pro4X King cab 4x4 starting at $47,590, rounding out the top of the two-ish door Titans. The entry-level Titan S crew cab will cost you just $2,700 more than the King cab.

Again, prices increase incrementally until you get to the top of the Titan product stack with the Titan Platinum Reserve 4x4 crew cab, which costs -- no BS -- $61,690 before you tack on the $1,595 destination fee. That's not chump change.

Still, if you're a truck buyer and you are looking for something different that still offers a big, naturally-aspirated V8 engine, then you could probably do worse than the new Titan. By that, we mean the Tundra, which is pretty broadly similar to the Titan, only it's less attractive and even longer in the tooth.

The 2020 Titan is set to hit dealer showrooms sometime in the early part of 2020.

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