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Jeep offers a 2020 Wrangler Freedom Edition, will donate to USO for every one sold

It's only available in red, white and blue to start and while those colors don't run, the Jeep likely will.

Just think of how unpatriotic your neighbors will look once this bad boy is parked up in your driveway.

With Veteran's Day just around the corner, Jeep announced on Friday that it has decided to pull out all the stops and offer a new special-edition 2020 Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition with some unique styling touches and a promise to donate $250 to the USO with every one sold.

What exactly makes a Freedom Edition Jeep Wrangler different from its presumably less-free compatriots? To start with, it's got a big Army Jeep-style star on the hood, because of course it does. Next, it's got an American flag placed over the Jeep emblem on the fender as well as a special "Oscar Mike" badge, which is military shorthand for "on the move."

The Freedom Edition will be offered initially in colors called firecracker red, bright white and ocean blue, with others -- including black, granite crystal, sting gray, billet, punk'n, hellayella and bikini -- coming later. All Freedom Editions will have the black Sunrider retractable roof with tinted rear windows.

Inside, things continue to be unabashedly patriotic with that same Oscar Mike logo embossed on the vehicle's seatbacks and stitched in several other places in the interior. The only interior color option for the Wrangler Sport S-based Freedom Edition is black with tungsten-gray accent stitching.

Jeep's Freedom Edition Wrangler will be available in both two-door and four-door versions with starting prices of $34,190 and $37,690, respectively, with production beginning this month.

If you don't want to buy a Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition, you can always just donate to the USO by visiting its website, where you can also find ways to volunteer if money happens to be a little tight this holiday season.

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