2020 Hyundai Sonata, Genesis SUV due this year

Hyundai, Kia and Genesis are to launch a combined 13 new vehicles in 2019.

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Genesis GV80 concept

The GV80 concept, from 2017, could hint at the design of Genesis' first SUV.


It'll be a busy 2019 for the Motor Group, with the company announcing Thursday that its Hyundai, Kia and brands will launch a total of 13 new vehicles this year. Executive vice chairman Euisun Chung said those debuts include an all-new 2020 Hyundai Sonata sedan and the Genesis luxury brand's first SUV, Reuters reports.

The Sonata remains one of Hyundai's bread-and-butter models in the US, accounting for nearly a fifth of the brand's vehicle sales so far this year. The current Sonata was introduced at the 2014 New York Auto Show and was updated for 2018 model year. There are no details yet on what we can expect from the car, though it will need heavy updates to compete with new rivals such as the , and .

Hyundai design director Chris Chapman told Roadshow earlier this year that the brand's future models would have more visual differentiation. Specifically, he said that the look of the new Sonata and the next (due sometime later) will be so different that "you're going to think they're from different companies."

As for Genesis, the relative newcomer in the luxury space so far offers only sedans : the G70, G80 and G90. The addition of an SUV makes a lot of sense given how eagerly shoppers in all price segments are migrating away from sedans. The best clues as to the forthcoming Genesis model come from the GV80 concept revealed in 2017. The fuel cell-powered crossover wore Genesis design cues like the brand's large shield-shaped grille, as well as futuristic touches like ultraskinny headlight slits and a 22-inch curved OLED display on the dashboard.

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