2020 Honda Insight stays the course with slight price adjustments

The base model is still available for around $23,000.

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If the Prius' looks are a bit too weird for you, consider the Insight.

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The 2019 Honda Insight brought back the automaker's storied badge for the third time, and after some time with this new hybrid, we thought it was pretty solid. must have thought so, too, because for the 2020 model year, the car features almost no changes, and that includes the window sticker.

The 2020 arrives at dealerships this week. The sole update is the addition of a Platinum White Pearl paint color. The Insight LX starts at $22,930 before destination, a price bump of just $100 -- its post-destination price is a still-palatable $23,860, despite that charge rising from $895 to $930. Standard equipment includes LED headlights, keyless start and Honda Sensing, the automaker's suite of active and passive safety systems.

The middle trim is the Insight EX, which costs $25,240 after destination, bumping its price north by $285 ($230 higher on the price tag, plus another $35 in destination charges). The Insight EX swaps out its basic 5-inch infotainment system for an 8-inch touchscreen that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto , in addition to piling on more standard equipment, including an eight-speaker sound system and keyless entry. Both LX and EX trims achieve up to 55 miles per gallon in the city according to EPA estimates.

At the top of the lineup is the Insight Touring. This trim really piles on the features, including heated power front seats, leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, embedded navigation, rain-sensing wipers and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. The price is a fair bit higher at $29,270 post-destination ($285 higher than last year), and it drops the EPA-estimated city economy to 51 mpg, but it's still a solid deal on an efficient hybrid.

If you're not too keen on the way the looks, the Insight is a proper competitor. We had no problem meeting and exceeding EPA fuel economy estimates, and its driving dynamics are plenty rewarding. It's not perfect when it comes to NVH and the paltry base radio, but it's still worth a test drive if you're in the market.

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