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2020 Ford Super Duty's Tremor package is now available with a 12,000-pound winch

Being able to drag yourself out of a bad situation is crucial off-road, so now Ford's Tremor package will let you do that -- for an extra $3,000.

Having a winch on your full-size truck not only looks badass, but it can help get you out of a lot of sticky situations.


We love the idea of the Tremor off-road package on Ford's 2020 Super Duty trucks because you have to be a little nuts to want to take a full-size truck deep into the wilderness in the first place, but doubly so if that truck is a new one that set you back more than $50,000.

If you need a refresher, the available Tremor package includes all kinds of trail-ready goodies like 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires, a small suspension lift, locking rear differential, a Dana front differential, higher running boards and beefier skid plates. It's serious kit for a serious truck, but it's missing one very important thing: a winch.

Ford figured that out and decided to team up with Warn to offer a factory-integrated 12,000-pound winch. By factory-integrated, we don't mean just whacked onto the front with some tubing. Nope, the $3,000 winch option fully integrates behind the truck's bumper and won't interfere with crash-worthiness. The winch itself comes with a synthetic line as opposed to a steel cable and the whole thing is operated via a wireless remote with provisions for a wired remote should you want one.

"We developed this unique winch in cooperation with Warn specifically to meet Built Ford Tough truck standards for our new F-Series Super Duty," said Ron Meredith, Ford truck vehicle personalization planning manager, in a statement. "Having a winch specially designed to our Built Ford Tough standards gives our hard-working Super Duty customers yet another tool to extend this truck's capabilities, whether at work or on the trail."

Ford's Super Duty isn't the only full-size truck available from the factory with an integrated winch -- the Ram Power Wagon has a similar 12,000-pound Warn-sourced winch -- but they're still relatively rare on the market. The Ford Performance winch kit is available as a factory option or as a dealer-installed accessory and will go on sale sometime in mid-2020.

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