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Chevy Corvette C8 R race car is here and it's a looker

The Corvette C8 R will make its official racing debut in January at Daytona.

The C8 R bears a strong resemblance to the C8 Stingray, more than other racing Corvettes have to their respective generations.


We've had a new Corvette for a while now, and so it was only a matter of time before GM dropped an R version on us as well. Only, we didn't expect it to come at the same time as the convertible 'Vette.

Still, here we are, and what exactly is the C8R bringing to the table now that its drivetrain layout more closely mimics that of much of its competition? That's an excellent question -- and Chevrolet hasn't really told us.

Aesthetically, the C8 R has got a big ol' wing and a giant rear diffuser, as is par for the course with Corvette race cars. It also looks wider in the back and the front, but the nose seems surprisingly similar to the production C8's. The powertrain is likely mostly the same as on the C7R. 

Interestingly, the famous yellow and black livery that we've come to love is gone from one of the two cars set to debut in Daytona, having been replaced by a not-unhandsome silver on yellow look. The other car will wear a more traditional scheme.

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