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Aston Martin shows off the 2020 DBX SUV's interior and its price tag

The interior is distinctly Aston and so is the asking price.

There's no mistaking the interior of the DBX for one from any other brand with all its fine brogued leather.
Aston Martin

At this point, there isn't much we don't know about Aston Martin's forthcoming DBX SUV apart from what its interior looks like and how much it'll cost, but thanks to an announcement made by the company on Wednesday, those are no longer mysteries either.

To start with, the interior of the Aston Martin DBX is flat-out gorgeous. It manages to take many of the signature design touches that we've come to love on the current crop of Aston sports cars and expand it to an SUV format without losing any of the elegance or sense of occasion that makes those cars unique.

In its press release, Aston touts the fact that the DBX was designed to accommodate people of all sizes from the 5th percentile female to the 99th percentile male and that it was able to offer such a wide range of fit from an ergonomic standpoint because the DBX rides on a bespoke chassis (unlike, say, the Bentayga, Urus or Cayenne Turbo).

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As far as interior features go, you've got all the typical Aston goodies like beautiful brogued leather, a big glass start button on the dash and what appear to be a few borrowed technological bits from Mercedes-Benz. The panoramic glass roof is also a lovely touch.

That leads us to the next big bit of news from Aston Martin, and that's the starting price for the DBX, which -- and there's no getting around this -- is a lot. The DBX will start at $189,900 in the US, and while that's not exactly the kind of change most people have in their couch, it's slightly cheaper than the Lamborghini Urus but significantly more than the V8-powered Bentley Bentayga

The DBX is set to be unveiled in Beijing on Nov. 20, where we'll expect to have some actual numbers to look at regarding headroom, legroom and cargo capacity. Stay tuned.

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