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2020 Acura ILX: Try to spot the price increase

Spoiler alert: It only costs $100 when adding the optional packages.

The ILX wears Acura's design language super well, in my opinion.

Yes, the Acura ILX still exists, and although it may fly under the radar, the Japanese luxury brand says it helps scoop up oodles of millennial luxury car shoppers. The idea is to keep them in the brand as they grow throughout life.

The budget-conscious among millennials will be delighted to know the 2020 Acura ILX sees a measly $100 price increase when adding any of the optional packages.

Rather than trim levels, all ILXs offer the choice of a Premium Package, Technology Package and a sporty A-Spec overhaul. Selecting the Technology Package automatically adds the Premium Package, as does opting for an ILX A-Spec. Following a mild overhaul for 2019, there aren't any changes present either.

Base ILX models see no increase in price for 2020, which keeps the car steady at a $26,995 starting price. Add the premium goods and it climbs to $28,745, and packing an ILX with the technology gadgets sees the cost jump to $30,645. A 2020 ILX A-Spec with the premium goodies comes in at $30,745, while a range-topping ILX A-Spec with the Technology Package sits at $32,645.

For those looking to step into the luxury brand on a budget, the Honda Civic-based ILX packs a bit of value. Base cars get leatherette-trimmed upholstery with a heated function, smart keyless entry, a suite of active safety features and more. Adding the Premium Package unlocks a seven-speaker stereo system with a subwoofer, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and perforated leather seats. For the technophiles, the tech package adds in an ELS sound system, factory navigation and a multiview rearview camera.

All ILX sedans get their motivation from a 2.4-liter inline-four engine. No turbos, but good ol' VTEC is still kicking.

Even though the car looks a little tired inside with a somewhat dated design, it can provide the luxury goods on a budget -- and for cheaper than an A3, A-Class or an upcoming Cadillac CT4. However, the slightly higher price tags will award far more luxurious cabins and more tech. Nevertheless, shoppers will find the ILX at dealers now.

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