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VW teases stylish 2019 Jetta ahead of Detroit debut

Boring no more, at least according to these sketches.


Some teasers opt to show little corners of a vehicle. Others show a silhouette against a dark backdrop. The latest VW teasers, for the 2019 Jetta, take a more revealing route.

Volkswagen is teasing the 2019 Jetta before it makes its official debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show in January. But while these images are technically teasers, the sketches provided really don't do much teasing -- there isn't a whole lot left to the imagination here.

You sure there isn't supposed to be an Audi badge slapped on the front?


Sure, the sketches exaggerate some parts -- it's highly unlikely the car will be shaped just like an Audi A7, and the production wheels will be much more sensible -- but on the whole, it's a good idea of what to expect. Namely, there'll be a big grille with headlights that connect right to it, a rear end that's closer to Audi than VW and an interior that's far more futuristic than the current Jetta.

We do know, however, that the 2019 Jetta will ride on Volkswagen's flexible MQB platform, which underpins both the Golf and the three-row Atlas SUV. It still uses the 1.4-liter I4 introduced on the current generation, but there's a new eight-speed automatic sending that power to the front wheels.

While we haven't seen the 2019 Jetta, our own Antuan Goodwin actually went to Volkswagen's secret test facility last week and took an early prototype for a spin. Still clad in its camouflage, we experimented with its acceleration (ample), its handling (stable) and its interior (quiet).

Volkswagen is starting to introduce digital gauge clusters in its cars, and it appears the 2019 Jetta will get one, as well.