2019 Volvo V60 wagon teased before February unveil

The curtain will be pulled back before Geneva, but most of us will have to wait until then to see it in person.

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Volvo's got a long history building cars with long roofs, and on the eve of its next one, it's thrown out a mix of a teaser and a history lesson.

Volvo put out a 90-second teaser for its upcoming 2019 V60 wagon. The video, entitled "Designed for Generations," gives us a quick history of Volvo's wagons , starting all the way back at the P1800ES, introduced as a two-door station wagon variant of the P1800 in 1972. The video ends with a quick glance at the new V60's interior.

We'll have to wait until Volvo's reveal on Feb. 21 before we learn anything else, but we can make some general assumptions about what to expect. Given how close the XC60 is to its bigger brother, the XC90, it could be assumed that the new V60 will look very similar to the current V90, albeit with some adjustments for proportion, since it's a smaller car overall.

Expect a whole bunch of tech, too. Volvo's excellent Sensus Connect infotainment system will likely come standard, and it should be outfitted with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and enough USB ports to keep everyone's devices happy. Under the hood, the V60 will probably carry similar offerings to the XC60 -- a plug-in hybrid T8 variant seems perfect for this application.

Either way, we'll get the whole deal on the 2019 V60 when it's revealed next week. Roadshow will be at the event, so keep your eyes pointed in this direction to get the lowdown on the world's newest wagon.

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