2019 Volvo S60: Born in the USA

Volvo's first car made in the US is also the last piece of its new-car puzzle.

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The 2019 Volvo S60 carries with it a number of firsts. It'll be the first Volvo to be sold without a diesel variant. It'll be the first Volvo manufactured in the United States. But, at the same time, it's the last piece of Volvo's puzzle that started with the XC90.

At first glance, the S60 doesn't look all that different from the big-boy S90 sedan. But, as with the V60 and V90, there are definitely some major differences. The "Thor's Hammer" LED headlights extend the running light closer to the grille. The front and rear bumpers are a bit more aggressive in their layout, and the door panels are more expressive, as well.

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The slightly angrier look hints at the notion that the S60 is a bit more driver-focused than the S90.


The interior is just about the same as the V60. Where the larger 90-series cars have more wood trim, the 60-series models make do with less. If it's anything like the V60 I drove recently, it'll be a comfortable space that coddles but doesn't swallow passengers whole. The V60 had quite a lot of openness thanks to its longer roof, so it'll be interesting to see how that changes (if it does) with the sedan body. Obviously, it'll be a bit down on cargo space compared to the wagon.

Since the S60 rides on the same Scalable Product Architecture platform as nearly every other new Volvo (V60, XC60, S90, V90 and XC90), expect a lot of the same powertrain components to make an appearance. As with the V60, the S60 will be available with the 250-horsepower T5 engine with front-wheel drive, and the 316-horsepower T6 engine with all-wheel drive.

Volvo says the S60 will come with two plug-in hybrid variants, too -- the 340-horsepower T6 Twin Engine and the 400-horsepower T8 Twin Engine. It's unclear if both will be sold in the US, or if it'll just be the T8. If that's not enough for you, there will be a Polestar Engineered upgrade that adds 15 horsepower and beefs up the suspension and brakes.

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If you're looking for tech, there's plenty. Volvo's 9-inch Sensus Connect touchscreen infotainment system is standard, and it carries both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It can also act as a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and it runs a number of apps natively, including Spotify. If safety is more your jam, expect a wide variety of systems including standard autobrake and the optional Pilot Assist, which can help guide a vehicle through traffic while keeping it centered in its lane.

Pricing for the Volvo S60 will start at $36,795, including a $995 destination charge, for the T5 Momentum model, while the T6 Momentum rings in at $41,295. Stepping up to the R-Design model will cost $42,895 with the T5 powertrain, $46,395 with the T6 and $55,395 with the T8 plug-in powertrain. And finally, the luxurious Inscription trim costs $43,895 in T5 guise, $48,395 with the T6 option and $56,395 with the T8.

Subscription-plan aficionados will geek out over the news that the new S60 will also be available with the Care by Volvo subscription plan. That means for a single set price, you get not only the car, but maintenance and insurance, also. For $775 per month you can subscribe to a S60 T6 Momentum, which includes the Premium and Multimedia packages, while for $850 per month you can have the T6 R-Design with the Premium and Multimedia packages, as well as 19-inch wheels and sports seats. Care by Volvo will also have a subscription to a T8 Polestar Engineered version of the S60, but pricing for that will be announced later.

The 2019 Volvo S60 enters production this fall at Volvo's new plant outside Charleston, South Carolina.

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