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Roadshow's favorite car ads from the 2019 Super Bowl

There weren't too many car ads this year that knocked my socks off, but I'm giving you a list of favorites anyway.

If Mercedes had given us godlike powers, we'd have used them to make the Super Bowl more interesting this year.

Well, Super Bowl 2019 is in the books and while it wasn't necessarily the most exciting football game we've seen, it did have some decent ads at least. This is a list of my five favorites.

5. Toyota's 'Wizard'

The Supra ad was definitely among the more action-packed of this year's crop but it lacked some of the excitement we hoped for when Toyota told us the ad's concept. Seeing a 335-horsepower sports coupe sliding around a giant pinball machine sounds cool on paper, but there could have been more cars and the use of Pinball Wizard was a little on the nose.

Verdict: Didn't live up to the hype, kind of like the Supra's launch.

4. Kia's 'Give It Everything'

Kia was trying to tug at our heartstrings with its paean to the people of West Point, Georgia where it is building its new Telluride SUV. It kinda worked. Kia is really picking up the reins where FCA dropped them when it comes to this low-key Americana stuff. Will we remember it a few years from now? Doubtful, but who knows?

Verdict: A little sappy, but it wouldn't be the Super Bowl without the feels, would it?

3. Mercedes' 'Say The Word'

Mercedes wanted to show off the new A-Class' natural speech recognition, so it gave some random guy with a five-o' clock shadow godlike powers. The ad featured him changing traffic lights, finding lost cats, blowing up parking tickets and making an orca appear out of nowhere. It's a little unnerving but mostly it makes me jealous that I can't spec my potential A-Class with that demigod option.

Verdict: With great power comes Mercedes MBUX, or something.

2. Hyundai's 'The Elevator'

Hyundai's ad for its Shopper Assurance program is already making people mad online, specifically vegans, who don't appreciate their dinner parties being lumped in with root canals and jury duty. In the spot, Arrested Development's Jason Bateman is running a weird hell-evator while wearing a bellboy outfit and the whole thing is good for a laugh, even if it's not exactly blowing my mind.

Verdict: Cute and mostly inoffensive, unless you're vegan.

1. Audi's 'Cashew'

Audi's ad "Cashew" is my favorite ad this year despite the fact that we're not entirely sure what it was trying to sell us. We loved the E-Tron GT Concept when we saw it (and drove it) in LA and the fact that this ad plays it up as some kind of weird future car makes it even better. The end was good for an actual laugh too which was a bonus.

Verdict: If you're going toward the white light, it may as well be in the best-looking concept of 2018, right?